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Forza 3 Limited Collectors Edition Contents

0 Forza 3 Limited Collectors Edition Contents

Forza 3's release is upon us, here are the contents of the Limited Edition package: Forza Motorsport 2GB USB Storage: Always have a use for extra USB drives. Forza Motorsport Keychain: This actually looks pretty cool. Brushed aluminum? Stylin'. Forza Motorsport VIP Membership: Want sp ...

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Xbox Live Players Targeted by Hackers


Hackers have found a way to boot you off live, without touching the Xbox Live service. The technique is really nothing new, just targeting Xbox Live gamers is. Simply put, the hackers figure out your ip (the hard part) and then flood ports on that IP that use Xbox Live. This is basically the ...

02.20.09 | News, Xbox Live | Read more

Death Tank Released – Xbox Live Arcade


This new title looks pretty cool, a kind of cross between Worms and an iphone tank game called CannonGame. (which is fun and free, btw.) Slick looking graphics round out a decent sounding package - until you hear the price, that is. 1200 Mars Units - or $15 bucks to those here on planet earth ...

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My 360 Died — AGAIN


Another one bites the dust. Five, that's right - FIVE, count 'em, consoles have failed on me now. The beauty of this experience is even better than the last - the customer service people had no record of the serial number of my 360. Great! I have already called, and gotten a repair order, and ...

10.20.08 | Console | Read more

Madden 09 Reviews


"The Madden series has been so good for so long that the bar for each yearly release is extremely high. And it's because standards are so high that, while it's still great, Madden 09 could have been better. For every addition, like the backtrack feature, Collinsworth, or improved visuals, there' ...

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Tiger Woods 09 Demo Now Available


Though I'm not a huge fan of golf games (I prefer games that require having 2 balls) , the Tiger Woods 09 demo should excite those old guys golfers out there. - Buy Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 Cheap [phpbay]tiger woods 2009 xbox 360, 3[/phpbay] ...

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Too Human Reviews

1 Too Human Reviews

This game sneaked in on me, I didn't realize it was about to release. I grabbed the demo last night and it is awesome! The only thing that looks a bit sketchy right now is the lack of fully featured Too Human reviews. When a game is about to release, you normally see reviews from industry geeks ...

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Cheap Xbox 360 Games


I just added a store to the website, for new and used cheap Xbox 360 Games. You'll find all the genres covered, plus accessories and complete console systems. Click here to visit the store front, or check out the Xbox 360 Top Games section. If you don't have a console yet, hit up the Xbox 360 ...

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Easy Xbox 360 Achievements Guide


I just came across this easy achievement guide, where this guy says he got over 10,000 gamerscore quick and easy. I'm not sure of the details on the guide, but he says he got 5000 points in one day. If you check it out, let me know what you think. ...

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Xbox LIVE Activity – Past Week


Xbox 360 Top Live Titles (based on Unique Users) 1 Call of Duty 4 2 Halo 3 3 Guitar Hero III 4 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 5 Gears of War 6 Rock Band 7 Iron Man Demo 8 FIFA 08 9 Forza Motorsport 2 10 Madden NFL 08 Top Xbox Live Arcade Titles (Full Versions) 1 Lost Cities 2 Ikar ...

04.30.08 | News, Xbox Live, Xbox Live Arcade | Read more

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