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Deal of the Week – Brain Challenge


This week's Xbox Live Deal is Brain Challenge - an Arcade Game which has several games or tests which supposedly give your noggin the workout. It tells you what your current brain capacity is. I remember trying the demo when it came out, and was duly unimpressed, especially for $10. Maybe $5 ...

05.11.09 | Deals and Sales, Xbox Live Arcade | Read more

Xmen Origins Wolverine Demo Out


New demo is out for Xmen Origins Wolverine. The demo is a bit short, but you can power up Logan for some nasty kill moves and crazy combos. You can also grab people out of the air while launched. Demo is much better than the movie - check it out for sure. ...

05.4.09 | Games | Read more

Call of Duty World At War Demo


Call of Duty World at War demo was just released on the marketplace. You get to check out one single player mission, and play with up to 3 friends for 4 player co-op over Xbox Live. If you haven't checked out this title yet, be sure to download the demo, it is worth it. This is currently my f ...

03.13.09 | COD:World at War, Demos, Xbox Live | Read more

Halo 3 Tops Activity Chart Once Again


Major Nelson has posted the latest Xbox Live activity usage chart, and Halo 3 has regained the crown. Here's the list for retail 360 games: 1 Halo 3 2 Call of Duty: WaW 3 Call of Duty 4 4 Gears of War 2 5 GTA IV 6 Halo Wars 7 Left 4 Dead 8 Halo Wars d ...

03.10.09 | News, Xbox Live | Read more

New MLB 2K9 Demo Out


Just released this morning, the latest and greatest from 2K for that great American past-time. You get to play 3 innings as the Tampa Bay Rays or Philadelphia Phillies. No online multiplayer, but you can have two players on your local machine. ...

02.24.09 | Demos, News | Read more

Afro Samurai Demo Released


This new game based on a Japanese anime series has just released a demo on the marketplace. The game apparently follows the series, of which I know nothing. Sorry, not a big cartoon fan here. The review scores aren't looking too hot, currently hovering around the mid-60s. Still, a demo is ...

02.17.09 | Demos, News | Read more

HAWX Demo Now Live


New on the marketplace is Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. Demo, a jet simulation along the lines of Ace Combat 6. Graphics look great, gameplay is good, but a questionable assists-off third person view mungs the deal for many. Check this thing out, it's worth a look. ...

02.12.09 | Demos, Xbox Live | Read more

Tiger Woods 09 Demo Now Available


Though I'm not a huge fan of golf games (I prefer games that require having 2 balls) , the Tiger Woods 09 demo should excite those old guys golfers out there. - Buy Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 Cheap [phpbay]tiger woods 2009 xbox 360, 3[/phpbay] ...

08.15.08 | Demos, News | Read more

Too Human Reviews

1 Too Human Reviews

This game sneaked in on me, I didn't realize it was about to release. I grabbed the demo last night and it is awesome! The only thing that looks a bit sketchy right now is the lack of fully featured Too Human reviews. When a game is about to release, you normally see reviews from industry geeks ...

08.15.08 | Games, News | Read more

Bionic Commando Rearmed


This is a very cool game, I checked out the demo last night. Based on the NES classic, you are a commando with a bionic arm and wreak havoc in the 2D world. The graphics are slick, the controls are tight and the game looks to be fun. The demo is a bit short to tell how good the main game is, but ...

08.15.08 | Games, News, Xbox Live Arcade | Read more

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