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Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising
is one of the best titles to grace the presence of the Xbox 360. This tactical shooter allows you to go through 11 grueling campaign missions with up to 4 friends in co-op gameplay. Run-n-gunners need not apply here. To achieve victory, your squad of 4 must operate as one, not one squad operating as 4 individuals.

The game is focused on infantry combat, but also includes vehicles like the M1A1 Abrams, Cobra Attack Helicopter, Light Armored Tanks, and many other vehicles. Stinger missles, Javelins, night visison, thermal vision, air strike support and artillery strikes are all part of this truly epic war game.

In addition to co-op, there are two adversarial multiplayer gametypes. Annihilation and Infiltration. Annihilation is your typical team deathmatch, but in Infiltration one team must attack and destroy a base while the other team defends it.

If you like a more slow-paced, tactical and realistic shooter, Dragon Rising is a must have for you. Don't miss it, grab your copy today!


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Many DLC types are planned which will expand the vehicles, weapons, maps and gameplay types. Expect this game to grow with you, as you do.

Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising Cheap