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Well I finally decided to jump into the Twitter craze, so click the image in this post to follow me! I'll be adding bite-sized news updates and deals that won't appear on the site, as well as updating what is going on in my gaming and at 360maniac.com. Thanks for following me! ...

03.10.10 | News, Other Stuff | Read more

Call of Duty – Home Movies


I have been having fun with my new toy (Dazzel Video Recorder), take a look at one of many videos that I have put up on youtube. ...

09.5.08 | Other Stuff | Read more

Easy Xbox 360 Achievements Guide


I just came across this easy achievement guide, where this guy says he got over 10,000 gamerscore quick and easy. I'm not sure of the details on the guide, but he says he got 5000 points in one day. If you check it out, let me know what you think. ...

08.12.08 | Other Stuff | Read more

Call of Duty 4 -Map-Pack


Here is a great overview of the 4 up coming maps that will be available for CoD4, April 2008 ...

03.31.08 | Games, Other Stuff | Read more

Call of Duty 4 – Video


Well you all know that I am a Call of Duty 4 fanatic. So in keeping up with my persona, I put together a great song (How Far We've Come, Matchbox Twenty) with of coarse a great game. Check it out, turn it up and let me know what you think. ...

03.23.08 | Games, Other Stuff | Read more

Call of Duty 4 – New Maps Information


Well I?m sure you hardcore Call of Duty 4 fans are aware that the new maps are on their way. We still have yet to get a confirmed release date of anything except sometime in spring. I have heard a date of April 3rd, but have yet to find anything to confirm this. So we just have to figure, sometime ...

03.23.08 | Games, Other Stuff | Read more

Call of Duty -New maps China Town


Well the maps are getting a little closer. Take a look at this sneak peek of China town, a close quarters map that is sure to get your blood pumping. Other maps that will be on the Map-pack also are Broadcast and Creek . We are still looking for the DLC to be available in spring, so that is a 3- ...

03.15.08 | Games, Other Stuff | Read more

Army of Two…… Xbox 360 Co-op at it’s Best!


When I first started playing this game it felt like other single player campaigns with AI buddies helping you out, but about 1/3 of the way through the Missions I got a good feel for the Aggro Meter and began using my Partner and his abilities to great advantage. Like other squad based games suc ...

03.9.08 | Other Stuff | Read more

Call of Duty 4 – new update results


Well it has been a few days since the updates have been up and a lot of feedback has started to stream into Infinity Ward. Take a look at Robert Bowling?s blog to find out what they are aware of and what they are working on to fix. Also at the end of the Blog, Robert mensions that they may be ad ...

03.4.08 | Other Stuff | Read more

Arnett on Call of Duty 4


Came across this video of Will Arnett and his obsession with Call of Duty 4. At first you have to wonder is this is Arnett, our co-journalist? Well you will just have to jump online, find us, and find out. Hope to see you in the trenches. Junkyard129 ...

02.28.08 | Other Stuff | Read more

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