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0 Borderlands Co-Op Gameplay

I've been wanting to pick up Borderlands, and haven't had a chance yet. Today I thought I'd check out find some good, recent gameplay vids with guys playing some co-op, and here we go. This game looks great! I haven't seen much of the vehicle combat, but it looks cool from this vid. The varie ...

10.28.09 | Borderlands, Gameplay Videos | Read more

Borderlands Cheap Co-Op Goodness

0 Borderlands Cheap Co-Op Goodness

Borderlands releases this week, and looks like it will be a hit. Four (4) player co-op and 2 player local co-cop means lots of looting, shooting and leveling with your friends for hours on end. Here's the backstory: Your on a rough planet called Pandora, sometime in the future. People came fr ...

10.19.09 | Borderlands, News | Read more

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