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New Xbox 360 Differences and Specs

0 New Xbox 360 Differences and Specs

Microsoft just released news about the new smaller, cooler, quieter Xbox 360, and here are the differences. If you want to compare to an Arcade or Elite, just check out these specs: The first thing you'll notice is the new size, with a smaller form factor. The CPU and GPU chips have now been ...

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Moving Your Hard Drive and DLC to Another 360 Console

5 Moving Your Hard Drive and DLC to Another 360 Console

I've seen this question a lot, and actually got one from a reader today in email. 360 Maniac reader Patrick writes: "can I unplug the 120GB HD and buy another elite, and us my old 120GB HD on he new 360 elite and still have access to all my downloaded material (RB songs, etc...)" The answer i ...

11.5.09 | Console, FAQ | Read more

Xbox Pro Vs Elite

0 Xbox Pro Vs Elite

I've seen a lot of questions out there about the differences between 360 console packages, so I thought I'd outline the differences here between the Xbox 360 Pro and the Xbox 360 Elite. First up the Xbox 360 Pro Model: This model has been out for a while, and originally was called the "Premi ...

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How to Rank Up in GRAW


While playing Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter, I hear a lot of questions about rank. My bud Jimmy888 suggested I make a post about it, and I also got a question in email over the weekend, so here goes. To rank up in GRAW, win. That's it. Most of us play team games in GRAW, so that's what my f ...

05.15.06 | FAQ, Xbox Live | Read more

Difference Between Xbox Live Silver and Gold


I've seen this question come up a few times, so I thought I'd address it here. The xbox.com page on the subject makes the answer as clear as mud. The main difference is you get online multiplayer with Gold. With silver, you can download content, demos, trailers, arcade games, etc. You also ...

03.10.06 | FAQ, Xbox Live | Read more

Repair Xbox 360 – 3 Red Lights


NEW! Instructional videos with full online support to repair your 360 yourself in less than an hour: Xbox 360 Three Red Light Repair James at joystiq fixed his own 360 that was flashing three red lights, which indicates an internal error. If you have this problem try this simple fix ...

01.30.06 | Console, FAQ | Read more

Use Any Headset With Xbox 360 Live


Gamersreports have shown us how to wire up the 360 headset adapter to use any headset we want. You basically unscrew the adapter housing, unsolder the wires from the 360 live headset, and resolder the wires from any other headset. I recommend that you pick up a female headset (mini) plug ...

12.5.05 | Accessories, FAQ | Read more

Xbox 360 Core or Premium?


So you know you want a 360, but which package do you want? I broke down the specific differences of Core vs. Premium earlier. Basically, you want the Premium. The Core system has a wired controller, and no extras. Of course, you can get the Core system now for $299, and add the accesso ...

12.1.05 | Console, FAQ | Read more

Microsoft Insider Says More Xbox 360s Are Coming


I just came across the xbox team blog by John Porcaro last night, and it seems like he's a legit xbox insider. In an effort to squash some recent rumors, he comments on stock replenishment, the recall (non) issue, and hardware replacement when having a problem. Here's what he said: Keep Che ...

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Will Live Work on My Original Xbox and 360?


A frequently asked question is whether your live account will still function on your original xbox, once you switch the account over to your 360. The answer is yes, except for your account management. If you have both machines you'll be fine. However, if you transfer you account to a friend's 360 ...

11.30.05 | FAQ, Xbox Live | Read more

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