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Bayonetta Demo Free Early Access Codes

0 Bayonetta Demo Free Early Access Codes

I just got word from Sega that you can enter to get free early access to their Bayonetta Demo. Just go here and sign up to get in. The only catch is this is limited to only 40,000 codes being sent out, so sign up early! You'll need to be a SEGA Pass member, but that's also free to sign up. D ...

11.11.09 | Demos | Read more

NCAA Basketball 10 Demo Up

0 NCAA Basketball 10 Demo Up

Here's a great opportunity to check out the college roundball king before it goes live in retail later this month. From the publishing juggernaut that is EA, this title has new commentary from ESPN and CBS Sports talking heads, and a new Motion Offense system. New dynamic updates for real-life R ...

11.6.09 | Demos | Read more

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Demo Out

0 Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Demo Out

Get your new SuperHero fix with the latest demo, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2. It's a bit strange the demo didn't come out before the game, but here ya go anyway. This is a third person view, action-rpg style game, that you can play online co-op with up to 3 friends. This game is pretty fun, espe ...

11.5.09 | Demos | Read more

Left 4 Dead 2 Demo Out

0 Left 4 Dead 2 Demo Out

Aight zombie hunters, unite! It's that time again for some Left 4 Dead goodness, the second time around. Demo is released on Xbox Live today. The L4D 2 ups the ante with melee combat, new weapons, and new monsters for a completely new Zombie slaying experience. Time to get your zombie fix on. ...

11.3.09 | Demos | Read more

CSI Deadly Intent Demo Up

0 CSI Deadly Intent Demo Up

New demo is up for CSI: Deadly Intent, if you want to get your crime scene investigative skills on. You get to hang with the new cast of season 9, while checking out the crime scenes, doing autopsy stuff, and lots of zooming in and clarifying with microscopes and other analyses such as dna. ...

10.27.09 | Demos, Games | Read more

Modern Warfare 2 Beta – IW Speaks

2 Modern Warfare 2 Beta - IW Speaks

I did a little scrounging and found some info straight from Infinity Ward about the possibly of a Modern Warfare 2 Beta. "It is true that we have not announced a Public Beta for MW2, and that remains true unless I announce otherwise. However, while no Public Beta is currently announced we ...

10.21.09 | Demos, Modern Warfare 2, News | Read more

Ikaruga – Xbox Live Deal

1 Ikaruga - Xbox Live Deal

In a rare string of recent deals worthy of your attention, this week Microsoft discounts the venerable shooter, Ikaruga. This hard-as-nails shooter from Japan retails for $10, is now $5 just this week. (From 800 Microsoft Points down to 400.) If you like to bring the pain, and haven't check ...

07.14.09 | Demos, Xbox Live Arcade | Read more

Ghostbusters Demo Released

0 Ghostbusters Demo Released

The new Ghostbusters demo has just been released on Xbox Live's Marketplace. If you're a fan of the movie(s), definitely check the demo out. The single player experience is reportedly a bit short, and the multiplayer doesn't seem to be a fully fleshed out mode, so it may just be a rental for ...

07.10.09 | Demos | Read more

Fuel Demo Released

1 Fuel Demo Released

Demo features: Single Player Ocean Rush - Career Event Blitz - Checkpoint Based, Timed Event Multi-Player *** The MP portion of this demo is only available for the first 2 weeks *** Free Ride Mode - 16 player - Tsunami Reef Area Career Race - 6 Players - Ocean Rush This is one gam ...

07.10.09 | Demos | Read more

Call of Duty World At War Demo


Call of Duty World at War demo was just released on the marketplace. You get to check out one single player mission, and play with up to 3 friends for 4 player co-op over Xbox Live. If you haven't checked out this title yet, be sure to download the demo, it is worth it. This is currently my f ...

03.13.09 | COD:World at War, Demos, Xbox Live | Read more

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