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MW2 Throat Communicator

8 MW2 Throat Communicator

If you're getting the Night Vision Goggles Prestige edition, don't forget to pick up the Throat Communicator for the full effect of terrorist hunting. The mic is against your throat, and the band goes behind your neck, so this should be more comfortable than the standard issue mic. Initial re ...

11.3.09 | Accessories, Modern Warfare 2 | Read more

Xbox 360 Blu-Ray Drive

0 Xbox 360 Blu-Ray Drive

In a recent interview, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer states that the Xbox 360 Blu Ray drive is on the way. This won't be an internal drive on the console, but will be an add-on external drive. Mr. Ballmer states, and I quote, "... you'll be able to get Blu-ray drives as accessories." So there i ...

10.22.09 | Accessories, News | Read more

Best Cheap Microsoft Headset Replacement

0 Best Cheap Microsoft Headset Replacement

I've been using cell phone headsets pretty much since the 360 came out. I'm not real fond of getting my dork on with the Microsoft headset, so I found that your typical cell phone unit works. I have found great success with a Plantronics unit that you can have shipped to you for 5 or 6 bucks or less ...

10.20.09 | Accessories, Deals and Sales, Xbox Live | Read more

Xbox 360 Wheel Stand – Homemade

16 Xbox 360 Wheel Stand - Homemade

Alright, this thing looks a bit ghetto, since I haven't painted it, but it works great. Top side shot: Keep in mind, I made this oversize, as I'm 6'4, and I can give the wheel a serious workout. (I know the models with the vertical tube mount wouldn't hold up to my thrashing.) Left profil ...

10.20.09 | Accessories, Forza Motorsport | Read more

120GB Hard Drive For 360 – Cheap

0 120GB Hard Drive For 360 - Cheap

I don't know about you, but I've really grown tired of trying to manage my 20GB hard drive from my launch console. It is just getting to be too much of a pain to deal with. Since the drive has been $150 retail and sometimes on sale for $120 or so, I decided to just wait it out. Lately, some of th ...

10.19.09 | Accessories, Deals and Sales | Read more

Blu-Ray to XBOx 360 ….


Well, judging by the vast number of articles on the subject out there, and the need to keep competing with Sony's Playstation 3, it is a No-Brainer that the 360 needs to provide support for the Blu-Ray format, and they need to do it fast. There have been "rumors" circulating from "insiders" at ...

02.25.08 | Accessories, Console, News, Other Stuff, Xbox Live | Read more

Adding Storage to Your XBOX 360


Today we have 2 options for Hard Drives in the 360, either the 20 GB Drive that comes with the Premium or Console System or the 120 GB Drive that is packaged with the 360 Elite. If you have the 20 GB and are looking to purchase the larger Hard Drive offered by Microsoft you are going to shell out ab ...

02.9.08 | Accessories, Console, Other Stuff | Read more

Microsoft Wireless Headset for 360


Well this is one accessory I'm really looking forward to, a totally wireless headset. This thing should be available by the holidays this year. Too bad it can't be sooner, I've really been looking forward to a totally wireless Live experience. The unit has internal rechargeable batts, and ...

05.25.06 | Accessories, Xbox Live | Read more

Xbox 360 Wireless Headset Announced


Turtle Beach has announced the Ear Force X2, that will sell for 100 bucks US. Word is the unit will be released later this month, but I haven't seen an official announcement yet. Some may think 100 clams is a bit strong, but it really could be worth a purchase, for this Maniac. Turtle Beach m ...

03.6.06 | Accessories, News | Read more

Dead or Alive 4 Arcade Stick


If you are a serious DOA4 player, you need this arcade stick to really get the arcade feel. This limited edition controller is officially licensed by Tecmo and endorsed by Team Ninja. Get your game on in arcade style and pummel your buds: ...

01.27.06 | Accessories | Read more

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