Black Ops XP Ranks to Prestige

black ops xp ranks

Here is the list for XP levels for ranking up in Black Ops, with the percentages total to Prestige for each rank level.

As you can see the levels take more XP to rank, the higher rank you currently are. This ends up with the breakdown of getting to prestige a slower process in the high ranks, for example:

Rank 28 - you are roughly 25% of the way there
Rank 38 - you are halfway there
Rank 44 - almost 75% of the way to Prestige mode

Those last few ranks can take much longer than the rest. Luckily, there's a Double XP weekend coming up, starting tomorrow (Friday) through end of the weekend. (Sunday night.) So, get ready to get your rank on, Black Ops brethren!

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