Black Ops – The Real Man Class


Real Men of Hardcore Search

The Real Man in Black Ops can easily be spotted - he sports the spiffy Flak Jacket, for busting through claymores left and right, shrugging off frags and giving toothy grins to noob tubers.

He brings Sleight of Hand for mopping up in droves, 'cuz he's gonna need more bullets. As an alternative, Hardened may be called upon for removing cockroaches who refuse to come out of hiding where nestled in their dens.

Perks round out with Marathon for rushing right into the thick of it, so he can break through choke points and go straight for the enemy spawn, the weak-sauce's common abode.

The arms selection doesn't really matter, as he has mastered them all, and can use any at will. The particular choice of weapon and attachments exist merely to give some variety to the rain of wrath and fury he pours upon the enemy.

Between rounds, the Real Man of HC S&D can be found bench pressing multiple plates, selecting his woman for the night, polishing off a keg or rebuilding a classic car.

To the Real Men of Hardcore Search, this Bud's for you. We thank you for making the game real, keep on bringing it.

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