New Xbox 360 Differences and Specs


Microsoft just released news about the new smaller, cooler, quieter Xbox 360, and here are the differences. If you want to compare to an Arcade or Elite, just check out these specs:

The first thing you'll notice is the new size, with a smaller form factor. The CPU and GPU chips have now been integrated together with a 45nm process. What this means is the board is smaller overall, and the chip components are smaller. This means the unit uses less power, which means less heat is generated and less cooling is required.

Aesthetically, the box is now gloss black, and has touch-sensitive buttons.

With a single fan replacing the dual fans, and a quieter DVD drive the unit is now supposedly "Whisper Quiet."

Wi-Fi is now built in, using the 802.11n standard.

Hard drive is now internal and swappable. Units are initially shipping with 250GB drives.

Unit comes Kinect-ready with the custom Kinect port on the back panel.

Those are the biggest differences between the new Xbox 360 and the latest Elite and Arcade consoles. New look, smaller, cooler, quieter, Wi-Fi is included, Kinect port, and standard internal 250GB HD.

Price is $299. Order yours with free shipping here.



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