Red Dead Redemption Rank Up Fast in Free Roam

Here's a short video for ranking up fast and easy in Red Dead Redemption that I've put together.

In short:
Go to the Gang Hideout at Twin Rocks.

Have 1/2 or more deadeye.

Have full ammo.

Having the Evans repeater (22 shot clip) makes this easier.

Clean house, and repeat for desired XP.

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  1. willie killigan says:

    If you do pike’s basin by yourself, u’ll get 1900xp every 9 or so minutes.

  2. liam rutland says:

    This has now been pached so you cant do it but you can clear the system patch and dont update and then go on to sinsle player and then system network then it is like playing as normal and go to twin rocks you will get really good at it and get loads of XP :)

  3. daz says:

    you want to do twin rocks in under 1 minute without the update. i can get 1800 points thereabouts in about 55 seconds.
    i get about 2300 points in pikes basin in about 4m40 secs without the update. the good thing about pikes basin is that you dont lose much xp if you get killed or take a few seconds longer

  4. daz says:

    looks like they got rid of the extra points without the update. went to rank up today, cleared the cache went to system link and found myself right back at level 1. was working fine yesterday, but not today. any suggestions

  5. Anonymous says:

    its pretty ok fr xp but i prefer tezoru azul or somin like that

  6. Neytaan says:

    Just rank up properly, I’m level 38 and I just did Pikes Basin and played on some game modes. Not hard to rank up.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I had that same thing happened to me to Daz

  8. zad says:

    go to pikes basin and wait 4 until 10 minutes passed and start killing wen u finished the pikes basin hideout u should get 5000 xp

  9. Cheky says:

    What’s the point? Play it properly and level up right, it’s not difficult. People who generally play it this way are rubbish in a real on-line match against real players as their not used to the way players move. Plus it’s a hell of a lot more fun playing with other on-line players in a proper match.

  10. none of your bisness says:

    i just rank up properly started a week ago (multiplayer i actually started single player at beginning of release) and im now rank 25 thats probably because ive bet single player at 100% lol

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