Gears of War 3 Details Emerge


Some new Gears of War 3 details are out. The game is suspected to release this holiday season (October/November 2010). *Update: Dashboard shows game will release April 2011.

Some of the details:
New Locust enemies with tentacles that can reach you behind cover.

COGs get new Mech suits.

New environments, including underwater locations and heavily forested/jungle areas.

These new additions will be available in the story campaign as well as multi-player modes.

Hopefully, the multiplayer will be revamped this time and more, ummm... playable.


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  1. Nice can’t wait to play the single player. Hopefully they will get around to doing the movie too ;-)

  2. klaine says:

    will be good when this comes out. I really hope they sort the lag out when playing multiplayer. got to the point where it would lag 8 of 10 games! SORT IT

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