Naval Assault – Sub Warfare – Coming June 11

Naval Assault: The Killing Tide, developed by Artech Studios and Published by 505 Games is coming out June 11, exclusively for the Xbox 360.

This is basically a submarine warfare game, based in WWII in the North Atlantic. I'm pumped, as I really love naval warfare - I've thoroughly enjoyed the Battlestations series, and favored running subs often. I'm not sure how well this will turn out, as it's not a high profile title, but it's definitely one to watch.

There will be 30 campaign missions, which include using sonar (ping-ping!), dodging mines, intercepting radio transmissions, firing torpedoes and deck gun firing. That deck gun stuff has me a bit worried though, as subs generally want to stay underwater in order to, you know, not sink from enemy fire.

Multiplayer modes (up to 4 players) are confirmed but not detailed. However, a bit of research on the 505 games website shows the game under an older title, Tides of War, and it mentions co-op. Who knows if this is still accurate or not.

A bit of warning, 505 Games was rather slack with IL2-Sturmovik's patch and DLC for the 360. The dev had the patch and DLC ready for the 360, but the publisher didn't release it due to costs. PS3 got theirs though. So, just be aware this publisher has dropped support for new titles in the recent past, and really left their customers hanging. I think I'll give it a rent a least though.


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