Free Xbox Live Gold April 1-5

xbox-live-free-gold-april Xbox Live Gold will be free coming April 1st for 5 days.

You simply need a Xbox Live Silver membership account, and you'll be able to access all features available to Gold members. Heh, goldmembers.

So, if you're one of those Silver-branded fence-sitters, here's your opportunity to be Golden, for free.

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  1. dee says:

    yeah what a real kick in da balls and sad april foolz day joke it will turn out to be……………

  2. Tony says:

    Aren’t april fool jokes supposed to be done the DAY of april fool’s? This was stupid to let people know that it would be free a week before the date, just to say “ha ha, April fool’s” Least post it ON april fool’s and than have some stupid thing come up saying “April fool’s!” Would’ve been funnier…

  3. Adam says:

    worst marketing scheme in the entire existence of marketing. who the hell is gonna go out and buy gold now? april fools day jokes are supposed to be funny

  4. Adam says:

    or at least clever

  5. shawn says:

    it works for my brother profile but not my profile and we are both silver this is BS

  6. Will says:

    Worked for my friend.

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