USB Storage Available Soon for DLC and Game Installs


A software dev from Microsoft has written that a system update this spring will allow the use of USB storage (thumb drives or external USB drives) for game saves, DLC, XBLA games and even retail disk game installs.

Finally! No need to buy the exorbitantly priced 120GB drive for just a few extra GB. Most of us have a thumbdrive or seven laying around, and we should soon be able to use these for disk space - proof that there is a God.

The USB drive will need to be at least 1GB in size, and the 360 will install a system partition which takes about half a gig. Then you'll have up to 16 GB available for storage. There's the catch - you can only use up to 16GB, per drive, and only 2 drives max connected at one time.

Still, this is hugely welcome on my box.

Here are some auctions for USB flash drives at ebay:

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