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battlefield-bad-company-2-weapons-unlocks So I finally got my copy of BF:BC2 yesterday and had a blast playing online with friends, except for the crappy starting weapons!

Here's a list of how you unlock the good stuff. All weapon unlocks for Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

Getting tired of no red-dot sight, a crappy bolt action sniper rifle or just wanting to see what's next?

Here's the list:

Assault Rifles
AEK-971 VINTOVKA - Assault Kit. Default unlocked.
XM8 PROTOTYPE - Assault Kit. 3000 Assault Score to unlock.
F2000 ASSAULT - Assault Kit. 8000 Assault Score to unlock.
STG.77 AUG - Assault Kit. 20000 Assault Score to unlock.
AN-94 ABAKAN - Assault Kit. 28000 Assault Score to unlock.
M416 - Assault Kit. 35000 Assault Score to unlock.
M16A2 - Assault Kit. 47000 Assault Score to unlock.
M14 - All Kits. Rank 21 to Unlock.
G3 - All Kits. Rank 26 to unlock.
WWII M1 Garand - All Kits. Battlefield Veteran to unlock.

Sub-Machine Guns (SMGs)

9A-91 AVTOMAT - Engineer Kit. Default unlock.
SCAR-L CARBINE - Engineer Kit. 2500 Engineer Score to unlock.
XM8 COMPACT - Engineer Kit. 6500 Engineer Score to unlock.
AKS-74U KRINKOV - Engineer Kit. 16000 Engineer Score to unlock.
UZI - Engineer Kit. 26000 Engineer Score to unlock.
PP-2000 AVTOMAT - Engineer Kit. 32000 Engineer Score to unlock.
UMP-45 - Engineer Kit. 43000 Engineer Score to unlock.
WWII M1A1 THOMPSON - All Kits. Code or rank 10 to unlock.

Light Machine Guns (LMGs)

PKM LMG - Medic Kit. Default unlocked.
M249 SAW - Medic Kit. 3300 Medic Score to unlock.
TYPE 88 LMG - Medic Kit. 8600 Medic Score to unlock.
M60 LMG - Medic Kit. 25000 Medic Score to unlock.
XM8 LMG - Medic Kit. 34000 Medic Score to unlock.
MG36 - Medic Kit. 42000 Medic Score to unlock.
MG3 - Medic Kit. 52000 Medic Score to unlock.

Sniper Rifles
M24 SNIPER - Recon Kit. Default unlock.
TYPE 88 SNIPER - Recon Kit. 2200 Recon Score to unlock.
SV98 SNAIPERSKAYA - Recon Kit. 6000 Recon Score to unlock.
SVU SNAIPERSKAYA SHORT - Recon Kit. 15000 Recon Score to unlock.
GOL SNIPER MAGNUM - Recon Kit. 21000 Recon Score to unlock.
VSS SNAIPERSKAYA SPECIAL - Recon Kit. 26000 Recon Score to unlock.
M95 SNIPER - Recon Kit. 34000 Recon Score to unlock.

M9 Pistol - All Kits. Default unlock.
WWII M1911 .45 - All Kits. Limited Edition Code to unlock or level 4.
MP-443 GRACH - All Kits. Rank 3 to unlock.
MP-412 REX - All Kits. Rank 12 to unlock.
TRACER DART GUN - All Kits. Unlocked with special code.
M93R BURST - All Kits. Rank 13 To unlock.

870 COMBAT - All Kits. Default unlock.
SAIGA 20K SEMI - All Kits. Rank 2 to unlock.
SPAS-12 COMBAT - All Kits. Rank 20 to unlock.
USAS-12 AUTO - All Kits. Rank 22 to unlock.
NEO STEAD 2000 COMBAT - All Kits. Rank 23 to unlock.
40MM Shotgun -Assault Kit. 11000 Assault Score to unlock.

Grenade Launchers and Anti-Tank Weapons

40MM Grenade Launcher - Assault Kit. Default unlock.
40MM Smoke Launcher - Assault Kit. 5500 Assault Score to unlock.
RPG-7 AT - Engineer Kit. Default unlock.
M2 CARL GUSTAV AT - Engineer Kit. 8700 Engineer Score to unlock.
M136 AT4 - Engineer Kit. 19000 Engineer Score to unlock.

Anti Tank Mine - Engineer Kit. 4400 Engineer Score to unlock.
C4 Explosive - Recon Kit. Default unlock.
Hand Frag Grenade - All Kits. Default unlock.

And that's the Bad Company 2 multiplayer weapon unlock breakdown. If this was of interest, I'll cover the gadgets next.

See you on the battlefield...

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  1. lol says:

    just got the g3

  2. Thomas says:

    So the next COD is going to jump into the future. That worries me a bit. Some of the perks are a little out of control now. I can only imagine what they will think up with even fewer constraints.

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