Crackdown 2 Info and Gameplay Video

Crackdown 2 - Now with 4 player Co-Op!

Here is some new info and developer interview about Crackdown 2, from X10.

The first Crackdown was a great game and a true open world sandbox, it was a great romp around the city. This time around, the devs seemed to have really ramped things up, including more co-op players - now up to 4 friends can play together, as well as a 16 player adversarial (PvP - player vs. player) mode.

Also of note, a new helicopter to fly around, which seats 4 for co-op! Also trucks with multiple turrets for 4 co-op player smashage.

You can tell the developers have really been cranking on this game - the guy in this vid doesn't look like he's seen the sun since Crackdown 1. (no offense, just saying...)

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