Facebook, Last.FM and Twitter Coming Nov 17 – Live Update

facebook-last-fm-twitter-live-update Coming next Tuesday is our latest 360 update for Xbox Live services.

In this update, we'll receive access to Last.FM, Facebook, Twitter, MSN and streaming 1080p movies/TV with surround sound from the Xbox 360 dashboard.

Last.FM is a music service which lets you listen to specific artists, genres and find new similar music that you like.

Facebook, in case you've been visiting a foreign planet for a while, is currently the most popular social networking service.

Twitter is a social updater for miniblogging what is going on in your life, business, etc.

MSN will offer regular newspaper type info such as news, sports, weather and horoscopes.

Also, you'll now be able to stream instant-on 1080p HD movies and TV shows with 5.1 surround sound, through Zune on Xbox Live.

This is a pretty hefty update, with a lot of non-gaming functionality. I'm a bit curious to see how the gaming community will respond to these features, and I'm sure the other major players are as well. (Sony, Nintendo)

So, will this be another frill here and there that may get some occasional use, or is this a gamer-changer? We'll see soon enough.

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