MW2 Weapon Attachments, Equipment and Rank Unlocks

mw2-modern-warfare-2-weapon-gun-attachments-equipment-rank-unlocks Need to know what you have to do to rank up or whatever to unlock that perfect attachment for your favorite gun?

Here's the full lowdown on all the gun attachments for your weapons, including rank to unlock and also other equipment and unlocks for them.

First a list of all the attachments, such as the heartbeat sensor, and how to get them, and then the full list of available equipment like C4 and Claymores.

Weapon Attachments
Grenade Launcher - Complete Marksman I (10 kills with weapon)
Red Dot Sight - Marksman II (25 kills)
Silencer - Marksman III (75 kills)
ACOG Scope - Marksman IV (150 kills)
FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) - Marksman V (300 kills)
Shotgun Attachment - 20 kills with attached Grenade Launcher
Holographic Site - 60 kills using (aiming through) the Red Dot Sight
Heartbeat Sensor - 15 kills with Silencer attached
Thermal Scope - 20 kills aiming through the ACOG scope.
Extended Mags - 40 bullet penetration kills with FMJ option selected

Frag Grenades - available standard
Semtex - Basically a sticky frag, available standard.
Throwing Knives - can also pick up after throwing. Unlocked at level 7.
Tactical Insertion - throw a flare to be your new respawn point. Unlocked at level 11.
Blast Shield - unlocks at level 19
Claymores - unlocked at level 31
C4 - Unlocked at Level 43

Time to get ranking and unlocking - see you on the battlefield.

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  1. kilman says:

    this list is not good grip is not stending in it

  2. ho ho mr 2010 says:

    probably settled down to the attachments which appear on every gun. obviously you wouldnt get a holographic or a red dot/g launder on a sniper or a g launcher on a LMG

    grip slightly increases range and greatly improves accuracy, reducing recoil in LMGS (RPD especially) grip and FMJ are good with SPAS 12 but you will find that the spas is capable of killing at a good range without the grip attached but you will hit more often with GRIP.

    FMJ and SCAR-H :) mmm lol

  3. Jack Johnson says:

    xbox sux. all of u guys should switch to a ps3. less lag if u have a good connection and u dont hav to pay for online play.

  4. Someone says:

    Well use the second class that it gives u Aka the default class and run with the 44 and the tatical ad just run that’s what I do

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