Modern Warfare 2 Killstreaks List of Rewards

cod-mw2-killstreak-rewards-list Here's the list of Killstreak rewards for the latest and greatest in the Call of Duty series, Modern Warfare 2.

In case you didn't know, when playing multiplayer online, you get rewards from killing enemies without dying. For example, if you kill 3 enemies without dying yourself, you are awarded a UAV, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. This lights enemies up on your radar so you will know their position.

Here's the full Killstreak List of Rewards:

3 Kills
UAV - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle which shows the location of the enemies on your radar map. The UAV can be shot down and its function is useless against players using the Cold Blooded Perk.

4 Kills
Care Package - After you throw a flare on the ground, a Care Package will be dropped on its location. This can be used by anyone on the map - teammates or enemies. The package will randomly contain either ammo or a killstreak reward. The reward can be anything from a UAV to an EMP.

Counter UAV
- Disables enemy radar for a short time, whether they are currently using a UAV or not.

5 Kills
Sentry Gun - A sentry gun is airdropped which you can place. This gun will auto fire at the enemy. It can be destroyed or disabled by enemies. You can move the gun after you have placed it, but it will not fire while being moved.

Predator Missile - Gives you remote control over a Predator missile strike. You open your laptop and control the missile to target, which takes about 5 seconds. You can boost the missile while controlling it. You are vulnerable to enemy fire while controlling the missile, and may be killed, at which point you still get to control the missile strike.

6 Kills
Precision Air Strike - Just like the COD4 airstrike, except you pick the direction from which the strike comes, giving you much more accuracy in the results.

7 Kills
Harrier Strike - Airstrike called in to a Harrier jumpjet which hovers. After the bomb drop, the plane will stay for a short time and continue to guard the area for your team.

Attack Helicopter
- Basically the same COD4 heli attack. It circles the map and attacks enemies for a time. Can be destroyed by the enemy.

8 Kills

Emergency Airdrop - This airdrop provides 4 random Care Packages. Four packages drop, randomly containing ammo or killstreaks.

9 Kills
Pave Low - This is a Helicopter Attack, called the Pave Low, which dishes out some serious damage. This heli is another level above the standard chopper attack.

Stealth Bomber - This carpet bombing run is delivered by B-2 Spirit stealth bombers, and you get to pick the direction it comes from. This strike is invisible to enemy radar.

11 Kills
Chopper Gunner - You get to man the guns of an attack chopper. The heli flies around the map, and you control the chain gun remotely.

AC-130 - This is a support gunship whose guns you get to control remotely for 30 seconds. You have all three weapon sizes at your disposal: 25mm, 45mm and 105mm barrages are at your command. It is possible for this plane to be taken down by the enemy, but it does use flares as countermeasures.

15 Kills
EMP - Electro-Magnetic Pulse Weapon. This weapon will render any enemy electronics on the map useless, such as red dot sights, heartbeat sensors, electronic scopes, etc. The EMP also stops enemy killstreak rewards, will take down enemy planes and choppers that are in the vicinity, and can even eliminate the Tactical Nuke.

25 Kills
Tactical Nuke - This should basically end the game, it simply kills everyone on the map. Blam, game ova. No radiation suit will help, and you will not be safe no matter where you try to hide.

So there's the list. Do you think you can make it all happen? I don't know about you, but I'm ready to nuke those suckas...

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Comments (7)


  1. JC says:

    Might want to note that the EMP can cancel the Tac Nuke…

  2. DWM says:

    actually the emp cant stop the nuke

  3. bams_1 says:

    emp cannot stop a nuke doesnt work i tested your theory and it is false

  4. bams_1 says:

    AC130’s choppers harriers it will take down including chopper gunners and pavelow uavs it will kill also. NOT A NUKE. unless it hasnt been droped

  5. Myen says:

    EMP does not stop nuke, tested it myself

  6. Bret says:

    the EMP stops nukes if you use it before the opponent activates the nuke

  7. COD6LEWIS says:

    infact if you want to survive a tactical nuke have a predator missile as the nuke goes 1 bring out your pred and you are still alive

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