Developer Valve Says 360 Community Features Better Than PS3

valve-says-360-better-than-ps3 Something that is obviously clear to people who own both a 360 and PS3, and I do mean as in crystal clear, clear - the 360's community features are about a generation ahead of the PS3's.

Here's what Cheat Faliszek said, "In hooking up with your friends and the community aspects, I think the Xbox 360 is head and shoulders above the PS3."

Now that's not a rare thing to read, it's just rare to read it from a developer. You'll sure hear the PS3 fanboys cry foul any time something like this is said, but when it comes from a mainstream developer (Left 4 Dead), it simply can't be dismissed.

This is the sole reason the L4D series isn't on PS3.

So there you have it. When someone calls you an Xbot when you mention how PS3's online service sucks, tell them to go talk to Valve.


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  1. Kirksplosion says:

    Interesting that he didn’t say that the PS3’s online service “sucks”, but that the 360’s is “head and shoulders above the PS3”. That’s just something you decided to cram in there.

    This is as it should be. If you are paying for a product/service, and there is a similar service for free, the one that costs should be of higher quality. Period. PSN is free, thus it’s not quite as good as Xbox Live. Is the 360 experience more integrated and streamlined? Yep. Is PSN still fantastic? Yep. Can I still game with friends and strangers every time I try on PSN? Yep.

  2. Sorry I didn’t clarify, but I have a PS3 as well, and then PSN sure does suck, in my opinion.

    Glad it works for you, but I have serious trouble gaming with friends on PSN.

    When I find myself using Xbox Live chat in order to communicate with a friend to get into the same PS3 game on PSN, I consider that a huge problem.

    Again, if it’s fantastic for you and you have no problems gaming with your friends, that’s great and more power to you. However, that’s exactly the opposite of my experience.

  3. Kirksplosion says:

    Haha, using the Xbox Live chat to get a PS3 game going with a friend – I must admit, that’s some funny stuff.

    Sorry to hear you have such problems on the PS3. There was one game I had trouble joining a friend in (Guitar Hero: World Tour), but that issue was somehow resolved when I switched ISPs. What sort of issues do you have specifically?

  4. Well we tried to game in Killzone 2 (the primary FPS for PS3 the past year) and had to pick a room from the server list with enough slots for us both to get in. If one joined and invited, the server would be full by the time the second person could accept.

    The times we were able to get into the same room, we were consistently put on opposite teams.

    We also had some serious problems with Socom, but don’t remember the specifics as it has been many, many months.

    Both times we found ourselves resorting to XBL chat to try and make it happen. I finally gave up out of frustration.

  5. Kirksplosion says:

    Ugh, I can certainly relate to your Killzone 2 multiplayer qualms. The lack of a party system was ridiculous! With COD4 (and MW2) it’s been flawless because the party system works. With KZ2, me and my roommate had trouble getting in games together…when we were in the same room!

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