Modern Warfare 2 Pro Level Perks List

modern-warfare-2-pro-perks The Pro Level Perks have finally been revealed for Modern Warfare 2.

In case you've missed it (where ya been?), the new perk system in MW2 includes a Pro Level for each perk, which is unlocked at a specific interval.

This is a list of just the pro level version of each perk. To see the full and complete click here: Modern Warfare 2 Perks List.

Slot One Perks
Marathan Pro: Mount obstacles more quickly.
Sleight of Hand Pro: Left trigger aim faster.
Scavenger Pro: Extra ammo magazines. Unlocks at Level 13.
Bling Pro: 2 Secondary Attachments. Unlocks at Level 21.
One Man Army Pro: Switch class more quickly. Unlocks at Level 45.

Slot Two Perks
Lightweight Pro: Quick aim after sprinting.
Stopping Power Pro: Increased damage vs. vehicles.
Hardline Pro: Deathstreaks require one less death. Unlocks at Level 9.
Cold Blooded Pro: No name tag or reticle on you when sighted by enemy. Unlocks at Level 25.
Danger Close Pro: Increased killstreak damage. Unlocks at Level 33.

Slot Three Perks
Commando Pro: Reduced fall damage.
Steady Aim Pro: Hold breath to steady aim with scope, like old Iron Lungs perk.
Scrambler Pro: Enemy claymores trip more slowly. Unlocks at Level 17.
Ninja Pro: Silent footsteps, same as old Dead Silence perk. Unlocks at Level 29.
SitRep Pro: Louder enemy footsteps. Unlocks at Level 37.
Last Stand Pro: Use equipment while in Last Stand. Unlocks at Level 41.

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Comments (6)


  1. Jamie says:

    Thanks buddy! you helped alot

  2. sparo says:

    yo commando pro is no falling damage not reduced
    thanks 4 the list tho i was wonderin wat the last 2 were =]

  3. Defhrone says:

    Terribly sorry, but half this list is incorrect. Marathon and Lightweigth pro are the other way around. Commando pro is NO falling damage SoH pro = faster aim down sights. Not sure about some of the others, since I hardly use those.
    Thanks for trying doh :)

  4. lolo says:

    Defhrone you are a retard cos the guy is right

  5. Oi Oi says:

    Ye Defhrone. This guy does have Marathon and Lightweigth correct, and commando pro might be reduced fall damage. I cant say i have fallen out of my gunship but if i did, im sure commando pro aint savin me on that one. lol

  6. boys says:

    hay thanksss for the help now ik witch 1 to get

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