Forza 3 Servers Down – Auction House, Matchmaking Offline

forza-3-servers-down So if you're wondering why you can't race online or doing any business on the auction house, it's because Turn 10 suddenly took the servers offline for a minor update, for up to an hour.

I'm not sure why they would take the servers down for regular maintenance with no warning, must be some heck of an update.

Hey Turn 10, wouldn't it be better to do this at say, 5 am?

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  1. louis says:

    “wouldnt it be best to do this at like 5am?…” ummmm no, coming from the uk, 5am here isnt 5am in the usa what can turn 10 do if work is needed to be done on all servers ect?

  2. My suggestion of 5a.m. was a random, non-prime time. 1am, 10am, what’s the difference?

    They did nominal, scheduled maintenance at 7pm, which is prime gaming time in the US on both coasts, and only midnight in Europe. That is the majority of their user base, I dare guess at least 80%?

    If one spent maybe 30 seconds speculating the optimal time, maybe 2am EST? That would be 11pm on the left coast, and 7am in Europe. That would probably affect 90% fewer users.

    But of course, why not inconvenience thousands of gamers when an engineer or two wants to go home at 5pm, right?

  3. chris says:

    LEFT coast? surely that depends which way you’re facing! Americans? stupid? hell no……

  4. Hah, Left is a slight political reference in jest.

    And here I thought not much got by you Brits.

  5. chris says:

    Well if I knew that you casually drop political references into your conversations about online gaming, I wouldn’t have put my foot in it. I believe you ;)

  6. Apology accepted. :-)

  7. is it good to get a porsce 911 gt3

    yes or no please:):):):):):):):):):):)

  8. i rule on forza 3 im level 50

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