Dragon Rising Title Update (Patch) and First DLC Tomorrow

dragon-rising-patch-dlc On Thursday, Nov. 5th, Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising gets a much awaited title update patch, as well as the first DLC.

Here are the details.

First up, the patch fixes are:

The game will now return the correct list of servers after searching a game

Fixed a corrupted save data bug.

The game will now automatically unlock the FTE missions when a specific DLC is added to the game.

Gameplay online
- The player is now not blocked after healing another soldier as a medic
- If the player fires the SMAW weapon during a PvP game, the sight will now disappear as normal.
- The player can now change weapons after firing a machine gun multiple times
- The PF98 Queen Bee weapon does now always have an effect on vehicles for the client
- During a PvP game if the player spawns inside a vehicle, the weapon will now be correctly attached to the player and not float next to the player.
- ?Shots Fired? dialogue will now be triggered correctly.

The inventory UI from the crate or corpse can now be opened correctly when the player is standing at distance.

Loading the 1st checkpoint with javelin equipped in the mission Dragon?s fury will not cause a loss of audio in certain instances.

7. If the fireteams are following orders and then the player select an ROE order on all fireteams including themselves, the orders will now be spread across all fireteams.

The reloading time is now correct when the player is going prone straight after firing a SMAW or Queen Bee weapons.

9. When exiting the credits, the heading will not transition twice.


DLC Details

Skirmish Pack
400 MSP (5 bucks)

Players are shown going head to head in attack helicopters, deploying tanks and APCs and engaging in ranged and close quarters combat in the wide ranging new maps and missions featured in the downloadable content.

The ?Skirmish? DLC features four new multiplayer maps and two new Fire Team Engagement (FTE) missions featuring both solo and four player co-operative play. Hunt down SAM launchers hidden in the sprawling complex of ?Lumberyard? and assault dug in PLA forces and fight room to room in ?White Fang?, two tense new ?Infiltration? multiplayer maps. ?Annihilation? multiplayer maps pitch armour and infantry against each other in rolling battles across a valley in ?Stomping Grounds? and in ?Force Dispersal? military bases separated by a strategic hill become a close-quarters killing ground.

New FTE missions include ?All Round Defence?, which places gamers in control of air support and attack helicopters as they defend a fortified complex against relentless waves of PLA. In ?Uphill Struggle? players must capture a bunker under heavy fire from hillside reinforcements. Gamers can also recon the entire 220 km? island of Skira alone or co-operatively in a range of vehicles at day or night in ?Island Tour.?

Here's a video from CM about the new Skirmish DLC:

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