MW2 Throat Communicator

If you're getting the Night Vision Goggles Prestige edition, don't forget to pick up the Throat Communicator for the full effect of terrorist hunting. The mic is against your throat, and the band goes behind your neck, so this should be more comfortable than the standard issue mic.

Initial reports are that the sound quality is good, but the mainstream will be the judge of that.

Releases on 11-10 with the game.

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  1. Chris. says:

    Picked mine up lastnight, doesnt work with my controller.

    Not sure why, maybe only compatible with Madcatz units?

  2. david says:

    same i just got mine earlier and it wont work

  3. matt says:

    i can hear everyone just cant talk with it

  4. Jayden says:

    Yeah same. I got mine and ive been thinking there must be a little peace of plastic that you must have to pull out but it doesnt work!!!!

  5. mac says:

    try kicking ur console off the empire state uilding

  6. @mac says:

    tried it, didn’t work :/

  7. fs says:

    Theres a switch on the volume controll that turns mute on/off

  8. Ben says:

    got mine today works grat and i can talk to people

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