Modern Warfare 2 Co-Op: Spec-Ops Mode Details

call-of-duty-modern-warfare-2-mw2-co-op-specops Lots of MW2 info this week since it releases next Tuesday.

It seems Infinity Ward has taken a cue from brethren developer Treyarch. The latest installment of the proven COD series comes with a new co-op mode. Though it's not your typical co-op through the campaign with friends, it sounds like it really has potential, and somewhat similar to World at War's zombie mode.

Here are the details that I'm aware of so far:

2 players supported
2 may play in offline splitscreen
Play online with a friend over XBL

Game Setup
Invite only - no matchmaking.
Separate from the single-player campaign mode.
Multiple different missions/setups.
Perks/classes not available.

Friendly fire always on.
Ammo crates replenish ammo and frags.
Two minute bleedout for revive.
Radar works regardless of difficulty.
Start with standard guns, but others available.
Supposedly similar to a Mile High Club run on some missions.

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