Modern Warfare 2 Perks List

Modern Warfare 2 Perks List

Infinity Ward has brought back the Perks system, with a few new twists. There are 3 perk slots as usual, but each perk has an additional level or "Pro ability." So, you may unlock and use a new perk, but there is yet another level of the perk.

For example, Sleight of Hand allows you to reload faster. However, the Pro Ability of Sleight of Hand allows you to reload faster and aim down the sight of your weapon faster as well.

Here is the official Modern Warfare 2 Perk List:

--- Perk Slot 1 ---

Marathon - Unlimited run/sprint
Marathon Pro - Move over obstacles more quickly

Sleight of Hand - Reload faster
Sleight of Hand Pro - Reload faster, plus left trigger zoom/aim faster

Scavenger - Full ammo restock from dead enemies
Scavenger Pro - Extra ammo magazines

Bling - 2 Attachments for Primary Weapon
Bling Pro - 2 Secondary Attachments

One Man Army - Switch classes during gaming/round.
One Man Army Pro - Switch class more quickly.

--- Perk Slot 2 ---

Stopping Power - Improved bullet damage
Stopping Power Pro - Improved bullet damage against vehicles

Lightweight - Move faster
Lightweight Pro - Quick aim after sprinting

Hardline - Kill Streaks requirement fulfilled with 1 less kill
Hardline Pro - Death Streaks require fulfilled with 1 less death

Cold-Blooded - Undetectable on enemy radar, air and thermal
Cold-Blooded Pro - No name tag or reticle on you when sighted by enemy

Danger Close - Increased explosive damage
Danger Close Pro - Increased killstreak damage

--- Perk Slot 3 ---

Commando - Melee hit from farther away
Commando Pro - Reduced fall damage

Steady Aim - Increased accuracy when firing off the hip
Steady Aim Pro - Hold breath to steady aim with scope, like old Iron Lungs perk

Scrambler - Jams enemies' radar for a small radius
Scrambler Pro - Enemy claymores trip more slowly

Ninja - Invisible to heartbeat sensor
Ninja Pro - Silent footsteps, same as old Dead Silence perk

SitRep - See enemy explosives and tactical insertions, similar to Bomb Squad
SitRep Pro - Louder enemy footsteps

Last Stand - Same as COD 4, except you can crawl now
Last Stand Pro - Use equipment while in Last Stand

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