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Modern Warfare 2 Beta Info
I did a little scrounging and found some info straight from Infinity Ward about the possibly of a Modern Warfare 2 Beta.

"It is true that we have not announced a Public Beta for MW2, and that remains true unless I announce otherwise.

However, while no Public Beta is currently announced we do plan on running an extensive Closed Beta among Infinity Ward, Activision, and possibly 1st party partners worldwide. The internal beta will allow us all the benefits of a public beta test without the impact it takes on the time required to prep, distribute, & manage a public beta during this crucial time in development. "

Well there it is, no Beta is planned whatsoever, which is a bummer. Hopefully they'll be able to work all the bugs out, and we won't have a catastrophe at release date, with people not being able to play multiplayer. Surely, these guys know what they're doing.

Bring the MW2!

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  1. Jamie714 says:

    what about a demo at least? Nove is soooooo far away…

  2. Xr8 says:

    Yeah these ffoos need to herry up..

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