Xbox 360 Wheel Stand – Homemade

Alright, this thing looks a bit ghetto, since I haven't painted it, but it works great.

Top side shot:
xbox 360 wheel stand homemade

Keep in mind, I made this oversize, as I'm 6'4, and I can give the wheel a serious workout. (I know the models with the vertical tube mount wouldn't hold up to my thrashing.)

Left profile:
Xbox 360 Wheelstand Custom

Front. Plenty of legroom and no way will it tip to either side.
Xbox 360 Wheel Stand Front Photo

You can see that I placed the crossbrace, which is a stability requirement, here to double as a pedal riser.
xbox 360 microsoft wheel mount

Pedal mount profile shot. There are 3 pieces for the pedal mount, which is a clamp design. No modification whatsoever has been made to the pedal assembly, and there is a cushion between the upper surface of the pedal housing and heel plate.
microsoft wheel mount

Shot of the pedals from the front. I had to work with this a couple times to get it right. Pedal base movement is a no-go, and it wasn't made with Sasquatch feet in mind. This heel plate acts as a clamp to the base to hold it down and it also mounts up against the center of the base to keep it from having any movement in any direction.

In use, the heel plate feels like an actual floorboard, instead of an area inside a plastic box.
Xbox wheel stand mount

Profile shot of the wheel. I have completely removed the lap mount, and this makes the entire assembly more sturdy and less flexible, and as a bonus gives the wheel a more appropriate profile. I have 8 screws going through the wheelstand top plate and into the original screw holes for the lap mount on the base of the wheel, so no modification is necessary to the wheel or housing itself.

The top plate is angled for proper racing wheel tilt, since we aren't driving a dumptruck.
Xbox360 Wheelstand Wheel Mount

In the end, I could have made it a bit smaller, but I'd rather have too much room than not enough.

When using this wheel on my particular sofa, I am in a typical racing posture, without a complete cockpit setup.

If you're good with hand tools, you can probably make one as well. Just takes a few supplies, a couple of tools and couple of hours.

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  1. forzacool says:

    du you have the dimensions for the pedal base and the staring wheel?.

  2. rich says:

    hey! nice job, looks very sturdy as u say – and i bet it cost peanuts to make compared to a expensive strong framed one. if ur still banging in the lap times who cares what it looks like, thanks for sharing – im off to the shed

  3. Anonymous says:

    what size of wood you brought to make the table ?
    Thank you please relay

  4. It’s mostly 5/8 plywood, 2x4s and a piece of 2×6 and a piece of 1×3. (I think)

    Exact type/size of material is not that important though, this was just some scrap I had available.

  5. Rob says:

    Man thank you for building this im building my own tommorrow

  6. ATC Forgiven says:

    Great read..I’ll be sharing this Sunday night.

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