Army of Two and Midnight Club L.A. Released On Demand Download

Just released available to download to your 360 as full titles, are Midnight Club L.A. and Army of Two. Both of these are good games and are worthy of a look.

Army of Two - Is a third person shooter, with a story about 2 mercenaries fighting through war. The game uses the Gears of War style of cover, and has awesome co-op play. There is no player vs. player multiplayer component, but the game got high praise for its co-op gameplay. The game takes of 5 GB of hard drive space and costs $19.99. Rather than clog up your HD, and own only a digital copy, I'd recommend picking the game up even cheaper in disk form, which you can trade or sell later:

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Midnight Club L.A - The latest entry in the Midnight Club series, this game won't disappoint. A bit tougher than your typical arcade racer, L.A. boasts an accurate representation of one of the largest cities in the U.S. The game has an extensive single player story as well as online multiplayer racing for up to 16 racers. The game sports 43 cars and 3 bikes. You have a free roam option where you may drive anywhere in the city of LA that you'd like, and there is a new 24 hour day-to-night cycle that also includes weather effects. This game is 6 GB and sells for $29.99 on the On Demand marketplace on Live. Again, I have to recommend considering picking this up cheap new or used, to have a retail copy in your hands:

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