Borderlands Cheap Co-Op Goodness

Borderlands Cheap Co-Op

Borderlands releases this week, and looks like it will be a hit. Four (4) player co-op and 2 player local co-cop means lots of looting, shooting and leveling with your friends for hours on end.

Here's the backstory: Your on a rough planet called Pandora, sometime in the future. People came from all over because of lore of rich natural resources to harvest, only to find an empty hull of a planet, with no authority in place to help them survive. Legend says there is a great alien vault full of all types of technogadget goodies. Your job is to find the vault and score the spoils.

Playable Characters:
Four different characters, each with his own special abilities. You can level up your accuracy, ammo capacity and health max as you play the game. Each character has 3 special abilities that are also leveled up.
There is a skill calculator here to help you determine which way to build out your character.

Your choices are:
Lilith - The Siren. Can increase allies' rate of fire, and decrease enemies' rate of fire.
Mordecai - The Hunter. Critical hit boost/allies' hit percentage boost.
Roland - The Soldier. Can shoot healing bullets or use a shield which damages enemies but heals teammates.
Brick - The Brick. Has a melee power boost.

Current level cap is 50, which will require a couple playthroughs. You can play single-player and take your character online in co-op, and vice versa. You can use whatever characters you like, you don't have to have a 4 man squad of one of each - mix and match as you please.

Player Vs. Player online is also available in 1-on-1 and Arena Deathmatch flavors, though the game was primarily designed for co-op. If people really want more PvP gameply, Gearbox has stated they may offer an expanded PvP multiplayer component as DLC.

There is currently no Borderlands Demo.

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