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The newer Xbox 360 "Jasper" models use a smaller manufacturing process for the graphics chip, and so require less power. Less power means it runs cooler, requiring less fan workage which also draws less power. This makes the entire console much more reliable and quieter. The power supply is even smaller and uses fewer watts overall.

In short, if you are in the market for a new or used 360, you want to try to get a Jasper 360 unit if at all possible. They last longer, run cooler and are quieter.

So, since this "Jasper" label isn't plastered all over the box, you need to know how to tell the difference. Most of the newer Arcade units are Jaspers, but you still want to make sure before you plunk down your hard earned coinage.

The way to tell is to either buy one from someone advertising a Jasper unit (such as ebay - see below) or look at the label on the console serial sticker at the retailer.

The Xbox 360 retail box has a small cutout flap where the serial number is on on the console. The cashier generally will raise this flap and scan the barcode to attach the serial number of the console to your receipt. This ensures that any return would guarantee you're actually returning the unit you bought.

Raising this flap also exposes the power specs, which is where you can identify the innards of the 360:

Xbox 360 Jasper ID Tag

The area to the lower left of this sticker is what we're interested in. Right above "Made in China/Mexico/etc" you should see the power specs:

Jasper Serial Tag

See the 12.1 A there? That means the unit is rated for 12.1 Amps power draw. This is a Jasper unit.

If the number is higher, such as 14.2A for the Falcon model, it is not a Jasper, and has been made using the older manufacturing process.

You may also be able to confirm your findings with the power brick. The power brick may be rated for 150 watts or higher. The unit will only draw the power it needs, and the brick is rated up to that amount. This means some newer units have the older, higher wattage power bricks probably due to old stock, and using them is fine. If you have a 150 Watt brick, it is another confirmation of Jasper. However, having a higher rated brick doesn't mean it's not a Jasper. (You also can't see this info without opening the retail box.)

So, now that you've been edumacated about what, why and how to identify a Jasper 360, be sure to get one. To make things really simple, here are a few ebay listings for Jasper Xbox 360 units:

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  1. jok3r says:

    do you think walk mart would carry the jasper sorry we dont have gamestop close to us ori would go there

  2. jok3r says:

    sorry ment wal mart *

  3. malfunction says:

    so the 2010 elite spring bundle should have a jasper?

  4. malfunction says:

    2010 elite spring bundle has a jasper?

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