Battlefield 1943 Review

Battlefield 1943 Review

The latest from DICE is a quick and dirty version of Battlefield - 1943. Here is a review comment roundup:

Edge Magazine: 9/10
"a perfectly sized, expertly crafted romp.... gives other download games their marching orders."

OXM - Original Xbox Magazine: 75
+ Large-scale, class based combat on dedicated servers!
+ Sniping has never been such a blast.
- No offline play... not even System link.
(note - OXM took points off for being MP game only!)

GamePro Magazine: 4.5/5
With satisfaction always within reach, Battlefield 1943 makes for an addictive online experience.
*** Editors' Choice Award ***

Release date: July 8th
Downloadable from the XBL Marketplace
Price: 1200 MS points ($15)

That's the current Battlefield 1943 Review wrap - looks like another hit from the wizards at DICE.

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  1. Christian says:

    Awesome game, i definately would buy it. The sad thing is that there’s only 4 maps and all are remakes of old maps. 1 of em is even an only fly map. The worst part is that I like to play FPS’s on my computer for the controls and such, but i got to wait till september while battefield 1943 is already out on 360 and PS3… Ah well good thing there’s other nice 360 games to play while I’m waiting…

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