Forza 3 Tracks List

Forza 3 Track List
So far, here are the confirmed tracks for Forza 3.
Here is the track list for Forza 4.
Update 9-29-09
The list is still not complete and official, but it is fleshing out nicely:

Update 10-20-09
Final list complete - this is it folks!

Forza 3 Tracks

Amalfi Coast (Italy) Costa Di Amalfi

Amalfi Track Layouts:

  • Full Course/Circuit

Camino Viejo/Montserrat (Spain)

Camino Viejo/Montserrat track layouts:

  • Camino Viejo de Montserrat Circuit
  • Camino Viejo de Montserrat Short Circuit
  • Camino Viejo de Montserrat Club Circuit
  • Iberian International Circuit - Full, Mini & Short
  • Ladera Full Track
  • Ladera Short Track
  • Ladera Mini Track

Fujimi Kaido (Japan)

Fujimi Kaido track layouts:

  • Full Circuit
  • Forza 1 Original Layout
  • 4 different point to point sections
  • Hillclimb

Laguna Seca (USA)

Lagun Seca Track Layouts:

  • Full Course/Circuit

Circuit de Catalunya (Spain)

Circuit de Catalunya track layouts:

  • Circuit de Catalunya Grand Prix Track
  • Circuit de Catalunya National Track
  • Circuit de Catalunya School Track

Le Mans (France)

Le Mans track layouts:

  • Circuit de la Sarthe I
  • Circuit de la Sarthe II
  • Circuit Bugatti

Maple Valley (USA - fictional)

Maple Valley track layouts:

  • Maple Valley Full Track
  • Maple Valley Short Track

Mugello (Italy) Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello

Mugello Track Layouts:

  • Mugello Grand Prix Circuit
  • Mugello Short Circuit

New York (USA - fictional)

New York track layouts:

  • Forza 2 Version
  • Version with Chicanes on Straights

N?rburgring (Germany)

N?rburgring track layouts:

  • N?rburgring Nordschleife
  • 4 different point to point sections

Rally di Positor

Rally di Positor track layouts:

  • Full Track/Circuit
  • 8 different point to point sections

Road America (USA)

Road America track layouts:

  • Road America Full Track

Road Atlanta (USA)

Road Atlanta track layouts:

  • Road Atlanta Full Track
  • Road Atlanta Short

Sebring (USA)

Sebring track layouts:

  • Sebring International Raceway
  • Sebring Short Course
  • Sebring Club Course

Sedona Raceway Park (USA)

Sedona track layouts:

  • Long Road Course
  • Short Road Course
  • Oval
  • Drag Strip (mile, half mile, quarter mile, eighth mile)

Silverstone (Great Britain)

Silverstone track layouts:

  • Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit
  • Silverstone International Circuit
  • Silverstone National Circuit

Sunset Peninsula (USA - fictional)

Sunset Peninsula track layouts:

  • Sunset Peninsula Infield
  • Sunset Peninsula Infield Short
  • Sunset Peninsula Speedway (Oval)

Suzuka Circuit (Japan)

Suzuka track layouts:

  • Suzuka Grand Prix Circuit
  • Suzuka East Circuit
  • Suzuka West Circuit

Tsukuba Circuit (Japan)

Tsukuba track layouts:

  • Tsukuba Circuit
  • Tsukuba Short

Twin Ring Motegi (Japan)

Motegi track layouts:

  • Twin Ring Motegi Road Course
  • Twin Ring Motegi East Course
  • Twin Ring Motegi West Course
  • Twin Ring Motegi Super Speedway

Also 2 more test tracks:

Benchmark high speed ring (14 tracks)

Sidewinder proving grounds (18 tracks) (Snake Tracks)

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Comments (6)


  1. Nukem says:

    Road Atlanta
    -long and Short???

  2. Not sure yet, these are the only confirmed tracks so far. I’ll update the list as more are confirmed, so check back.

  3. 420IVXX says:

    i cant beleive there isn’t going to be the nurbugring f1 circuit or circuit gilles villenueve – there both great tracks for most types of cars and for all of the effort that went into the game i cant see it being that much more difficult to ask for one of them- especially nurburgring F1

  4. niko says:

    the only reason i did not buy forza 2 was the short number of tracks, it keeps short in the forza 3, and also the short number of cars in a race.

  5. Timbo says:

    I think I count 23 different environments? Much better than the last one!

  6. kirbs says:

    only reason im gonna buy this game is for th v8 supercars.. pretty sad i know but thats what i gotta do.. i wish they would bring out their own game again but that wont happen for a few more years if at all. i miss bathurst but i doubt that track wil be on forza 3

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