Pre E3 Coverage – Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Hands-on Preview

Codemasters have released a new cinematic video trailer for Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising which is set to release this fall. IGN also has a 2 page hands-on preview of this realistic military tactical shooter.

And here's the preview writeup.

Notable stuff:
"... our latest hands-on attests that Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is handsomely rising to the bold claims made by Codemasters as it's shaping up to be a shooter without compare on modern consoles, and one that can hold its head high amongst the best that the PC has to offer."
A console military sim along the likes of a PC title? That's bold, I hope they can pull it off.

"Operation Flashpoint's hardcore fanbase, it's possible to play with assists off, the interface reduced to a minimum with even the crosshair absent."
Hardcore - is there any other way?

"... a JDAM strike soon levels the entire settlement, putting on a spectacular show in the process. The initial flash and bang is impressive enough in itself, though it's the audio treatment that really excites. Seconds pass until the sound reaches the player, immersing them in the ground shaking shockwave that comes in the blast's wake."
Sounds like they're hitting all the immersion notes, I'm liking this sheet of music.

Looks like the game is shaping up nicely, I'm anxious for it.

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