Xbox Live Players Targeted by Hackers

xbox live players hacked

Hackers have found a way to boot you off live, without touching the Xbox Live service.

The technique is really nothing new, just targeting Xbox Live gamers is. Simply put, the hackers figure out your ip (the hard part) and then flood ports on that IP that use Xbox Live. This is basically the same as DDOS or DOS (Distributed, Denial of Service) attacks commonly used against websites.

The difficult part is figuring out the target's IP address, but it can be done with a bit of tech-geek-hack (two of the three are fine) know how. A PC must be placed on the internet connection between the router/modem and the Xbox 360. A packet sniffing program can then determine the different IPs coming and going, which is easily done since Microsoft doesn't use dedicated servers for their games. The IP traffic is localized between IPs of the gamers in a given multiplayer game/match/environment.

Once the IP is determined, they simply flood its Xbox Live ports with garbage traffic and that connection can't do anything on Live.

If you don't have the tech-geek-hack know how, you can hire someone who does, for about 20 bucks, to set the system up on your PC remotely. They can do this by logging into your PC over the Internet and set it all up.

Since these attacks have nothing to do with the Live service, there is basically nothing anyone at Xbox Live can do. Of course, Microsoft says they'll ban anyone from Live caught doing this, but I don't see how they could determine what gamertag(s) the offending parties may own.

I don't know if I'd give a hacker access to my PC, but it sure would be tempting to be able to bring the IPs of all the glitchers, quitters, and standbying grubs to the ground. That would be some real satisfaction.

Source - BBC via Team Xbox

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  1. Russ says:

    where can I get this software?

  2. PositiveG says:

    No one is anonymous no the Internet. Since the DDoS guy is free to try and DoS your home Xbox Live PC (nothing technically stopping them), you of course can do the same, but in reverse.

    Setup a PC to watch (sniff) the traffic coming into your Xbox, if you see an increase of traffic from one host in regards to that, simply block their source IP on your Firewall. If you’re really adventurous, find out what ISP owns that IP address and contact them. Most ISP’s acceptable usage guides, forbid interfering with other internet users via DoS attacks. Contact them, but you’ll need evidence, easy enough..

    Now the the bugger would be if multiple PCs are sending this traffic to your Xbox, it might take you a while to block them all.

    Now what can Microsoft do? Well if it’s a PC sending you the traffic, not much, unless you can somehow determine the IP of the Xbox (and maybe some other data) from behind the same network that PC is attacking you from (see my ISP tip above).

    Sniffer Traces (search for a program called WireShark) are easy enough to setup, and you can save the conversation easily (you might need a hub to do this), you save the conversation to a file.
    Microsoft might allow you to send that trace to them for analysis.

  3. Good stuff PositiveG, thanks for the info.

  4. Anonymous says:

    can i have the download

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