First Forza 3 Screenshot!

first forza 3 screenshot

I saw this shot the other day, and right away my inner geek quivered a bit.

Raceway design studio? Body Kit Design studio?

Really? Could it be so? My gullible side was giving in to excitement instead of reality. After my heartbeat settled a bit, I looked the shot over more closely, and the real world can tumbling along crashing into my fantasy of Forza self editing. The first thing that gave it away was RB to "Sign Out." Not gonna happen on that button, especially a function that is easily accessible on the dash. Secondly, two menu items didn't fit together - Multi-Player and Xbox Live. XBL selections would normally be on the MP menu, not on the front like this. If it were, MP would at least be labeled Local Multiplayer or something similar.

Anyways, good doctoring there Skate Zilla. And thanks for leaving a couple obvious clues before I started building my Christmas list in the first quarter...

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