3 on 3 NHL Arcade Online Multiplayer Lacking

3 on 3 NHL Arcade

This was just released last week, and I was a bit hyped up for it. Not that I'm a huge hockey fan like my poutine-eating friends from the Great White North, but I love to play games with buds on my team, and I've recently been getting into sports games. I've not really been into sports much in the past, I just never had the time to give a shot.

So I was looking forward to talking a couple of my FPS buds into picking this up for something fresh. Unfortunately, I found out when it was released on Wednesday that it doesn't support having online friends on the same team. You can have 3 players on your team, but they must all be on your xbox.

On xbox live, if you are alone on your xbox, you can't have other players on your team. What garbage, this is 2009 EA! You can have 2 guests signed on to play together, but that's it for either team. A bit misleading on the game description info. (Online "Players: 2-6")

Couple this fact with EA's right to turn off their online servers within 30 days makes this buy a no-go, bro.

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  1. Boo Shank says:

    Dam right….Very misleading about the 6 online play.I did the same thing and found out the hard way…..gutted

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