Madden 09 Reviews

Madden 09 Reveiws

"The Madden series has been so good for so long that the bar for each yearly release is extremely high. And it's because standards are so high that, while it's still great, Madden 09 could have been better. For every addition, like the backtrack feature, Collinsworth, or improved visuals, there's a problem that rears its ugly head, like the unchanged Superstar mode, poor pass coverage in the middle of the field, or underwhelming online leagues. Newcomers will still face a steep learning curve, but if you're a football fan or series veteran, you can't go wrong with Madden 09. "
- Gamespot 8.0

"Madden 09 could easily be swept under the rug by the casual onlooker as being, ?just another release.? And, for the most part, it is, but that doesn?t make it any less worthy of your cash. Madden NFL 09 is the most loyal translation of America?s favorite sport I?ve ever seen. It looks great, plays great, and despite its few moments of inaccuracies, is still one of the best sports games in memory."
- IGN 8.8

"To say that Madden is a perfect game would be a laughable statement, but it surely is the best version to date for the next generation consoles. Everything from the visuals, audio, and presentation have been bumped up a notch to a level that would make any fan who has turned their heads for the last 3 years take notice. Sure the game plays familiar, but to die hard fans they wouldn't want it any other way. As for Brett Farve, will coming back set him up for the Madden curse too? Granted, some guys just don't know when to quit (Montana, Rice, Theisman, Jordan, etc.), but when your best year of 4 came in your supposed final season, shouldn't that be the cue to say "I'm done"? The only good thing coming out of this season for Farve is to hopefully say, "I broke the Madden curse!" "
- Gaming Age A-

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