Enemy Territory : QUAKE WARS

Enemy Territory Quake Wars

New release this week : Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

This game looks a bit like someone took Battlefield, Gears and Team Fortress and tossed them into a blender. Out came Quake Wars.

It is a class based game of two opposing teams, humans vs. the aliens and includes vehicles and emplacements. The game setup is basically an attack and defend style. One side attacks while the other defends.

There are 5 classes:
Soldier / Aggressor Basic infantry, gets more health and more available weapons.

Field Ops / Oppressors Can place and fire indirect weapons such as missiles, cannons, mortars and howitzers. Can also use colored smoke to call in more fire. Humans can give out ammo packs. Aliens place temporary shields.

Medic / Technician Heal and revive teammates. Uses a defibrillator to revive. Medics can pop smoke to call in a Supply Station with health and ammo.
Technicians inject fallen human soldiers and cause them to become a "Spawn Host" and makes a new spawn location. Medics can destroy spawn hosts.

Engineer / Constructor Place anti-vehicle, anti-personnel, anti-artillery turrets and trip mines. Can repair vehicles and turrets. Can build certain objectives and outposts. Also gets a grenade/plasma launcher which is unique to this class.

Covert Ops / Infiltrator Can hack enemy deployed machines and objectives. Can steal enemy uniforms and take on the name and appearance of another enemy and use back stabs to kill unknowing "teammates." Covert Ops also has Smoke Grenades and a Third-Eye camera to create a small radar. Infiltrators have flyer drones to scout out and annoy the enemy.

There are a few more specifics to each class, but those are the basics.

Vehicles include:
Light Vehicles such as single man vehicles
Medium Vehicles for driver, gunner and possible passengers
Heavy Vehicles such as tanks
Very Heavy Vehicles are heavy walkers and mobile command posts
Aerial Vehicles like hover planes and helicopters
Amphibious and Naval Vehicles include armored personnel carriers and armored boats

Here are links for Weapons:
Weapons Overview
Special Weapons and Items
Weapons Damage Details

The strategic elements of the game make it look to be a blast. The early reports say this game is a ton of fun, but there are some complaints. What I've read so far leads me to believe the graphics, animations and sound are not on par with the latest technical successes such as Call of Duty 4. However, most everyone will agree that it's always about the gameplay. I don't mind graphics and sound a year or so behind the curve if the fun is in the core mechanics.

Some won't like the complexity. You won't just dive in, run around all lone wolf and be able to dominate. It's going to take teamwork and strategy. Some don't have the brain for it, and truth be told, I'm glad they'll stick to Halo and COD. I'm tired of them screaming, singing and shouting obscenities into the mic anyway.

If the online component works well with little lag and an easy way to get a game, this thing has some serious potential.

More General Info

Enemy Territory : Quake Wars Official Site
Official Community Site

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