GTA IV – Just How Many People Are Playing?

It's no secret that Grand Theft Auto IV just came out, and this sucker seems to be a huge hit.

How huge? Check out 360 Voice, one of my favorite 360 gaming pulse sites. People sign up there to have a blog auto-generated by their live status. Check an example one out here.

Anyway, they compile their data for which games are most popular, and I find this data to be pretty accurate when looking at the other numbers out there. Not total numbers, but each games' popularity in respect to others. I'm sure the data isn't perfect, but it's pretty good to get an idea of how popular a given title is.

I'll let the numbers for yesterday speak for themselves:

32,430 gamers (UP 24,148)

Call of Duty 4
5,629 gamers (DOWN -3,712)

Halo 3
4,086 gamers (DOWN -2,365)

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  1. dcolthar says:

    no suprise that GTA 4 is that popular…it just never gets old In my opinion.

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