Call of Duty 4 -Map-Pack

Here is a great overview of the 4 up coming maps that will be available for CoD4, April 2008

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  1. Hollywood says:

    Great video. Can’t wait for the new maps! Thanks for posting

  2. hateyou says:

    you guys should just rename this bloody website to
    what about the new releases? you guys SUCK

  3. ARNETT 187 says:

    Wow, judging by your name, you seem to deal with people very well. Recently, there have been a few CoD4 posts, but scroll down and check previous pages, there are a lot of posts on other games as well.

    Arnett Out!

  4. hateyou says:

    hehe i was just playing.. good job!

  5. karma says:

    y did i get sent here for the red light fix?

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