Rainbow Six: Vegas 2… Just as good as the first!


Well, any fan of the Rainbow Six series will be happy to know that this game picks up right where the first Vegas left off. Technically speaking, Vegas 2 is happening in parallel with the first. While the Vegas One team is searching for Irena in Mexico and then Vegas you are searching for the other Terrorists associated with Irena in different parts of Vegas. The Ubisoft Montreal Team has woven a good web to tie these two games together.

The gameplay is almost exactly the same as the first incarnation, with the exception of a RUN button located at the Left Button position and the AI seems to be much better than the first. The XP has been tweaked and I like that the Co-Op games share the XP with the other players.

Overall, I am very happy with this game, the Campaign is awesome, the Terrorist Hunt is better than before and the Multi-Player seems to be just as good as the first time around!

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