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call of duty 4 prestige mode cod4Well I?m sure you hardcore Call of Duty 4 fans are aware that the new maps are on their way. We still have yet to get a confirmed release date of anything except sometime in spring. I have heard a date of April 3rd, but have yet to find anything to confirm this. So we just have to figure, sometime in spring.
The map-pack that we will be able to download consists of 4 maps. They are going for a range of play from close quarters to one massive out door map. The names of each map are, Chinatown, Creek, Broadcast and Killhouse. Chinatown is an old map that has been redone and updated from CoD2. Creek is a massive outdoor map that will be ideal for those snipers out there. Broadcast consists of the TV station section of the campaign of CoD4 and last Killhouse is a close and personal map sure to get your blood boiling!
Check out all the maps and other aspect of the up coming downloads at all of these sights, TeamXbox, IGN and Gamespy.
Also expect to dish out 800 Microsoft points to down load the maps.

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