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'Hi there, I just wanted to comment on the host migration portion of the patch that was released last week. I am aware that the migration helps with keeping players together, the only real problem I see here, is that since this patch, I play in a great many games with a poor signal. There is no doubt that the migration helps in the event of a host leaving, but it has greatly ruined my ability to host games.
One of my other online buddies has an enterprise level connection dedicated to his 360 just as I do and has experienced the same issues as me.
Lastly, our group of close players plays CoD4 every night and the guy that keeps getting host is located in San Diego, working on a DSL connection with 1.3 mb download and a 384 kb upload, now I know this upload is NOT sufficient for 12 player games yet he gets host over me (Fractional T1 - Dedicated 784 kb ul and 1.5 mb dl simultaneously) and another one of my buddies who pays for an enterprise level Cable connection that provides 10 mb dl and 1.0 mb upload. In every instance over the last 4 months since the game has been out either him or I have provided hosting for 12 players and a lag free environment, and since the update, we never get host, the smaller bandwidth DSL subscribers seem to rule the hosting scene in CoD4 now!


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  1. Yeah, everything about the patch is great, except for this.

    This is so bad, it makes the game much worse overall even with the new patch improvements.

    I’m going to give it some time and if they don’t take care of this, I’ll be moving on to something else.

  2. ARNETT 187 says:

    Keep me posted Brother, if improvements come let me know, as of right now, I cannot even enjoy the game, but, if this problem gets fixed I will be back online the same day!

    Arnett Out!

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