Battlestations: Pacific Preview

Battlestations Pacific sequel to Midway

Gentlemen, it is yet that time again - Man your Battlestations!

The sequel to Battlestations: Midway is in development and looks to be ship-shaping up nicely.

If you love accuracy like I do, you'll love:

According to Mr. Szalacsi, they have at least three game designers on the team who are ex-history teachers, and the campaign for the Japanese is based on their actual plans for the war found in historical documents. You never know when that paper trail will come back and bite you.

Now new and improved with troops too!

In the original Battlestations, you controlled surface ships, submarines and aircraft, all at the same time. Sometimes you encountered enemy ground troops, usually holed up in an island fortress or gun emplacement, and shelled them from afar. Now, you?ll have some of your own troops to command, though whether you?re doing that on an individual, squad or platoon level remains unclear at this point.

But wait, there's more!

There are twenty-eight new missions spread across the two campaigns, American and Japanese, plus five new multiplayer modes with scalable maps so you can customize your multiplayer game for the number of people and units you want to control in it.

Call now and for $19.9.... heh.

Man if they pull this off it will be epic. As long as the time in the development oven is much, much less than the last..

Battlestations: Pacific Exclusive Preview

Thanks to USMC Beans for the heads up. Semper Fi!

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  1. ARNETT 187 says:

    I cannot wait, we will lay waste to the opposing side just as we did in Battlestations 1.0

    Arnett Out!

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