Call of Duty 4 – 3 New Maps

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COD4 3 New Maps
This spring you will be able to down load a map-pack of 3 new maps. I was hopping for more, but 3 maps are better then nothing. Also Infinity Ward goal of these maps will be and are to be something totally different then what we have been playing now! When I know you will now.
What IW has been working on is the Map updates and the general updates patch that Arnnet talked about in an earlier article (Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare)
As for an exact release date of the maps and patches all Robert Bowling of IW had to say was ?Right now we have 3 maps for release. We are aiming for spring; we do not have an ETA. We are working on something good to go and then we will worry of the exact date.? So needless to say we are all anxious for the Map Pack. Just get them done!


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