XBox Live – Chat, how much do you really want to hear?

Do you get to the point where you are just so tired of the all smack talking of Xbox Live? I have to tell you that sometimes it really drives me crazy. I myself go online for the fun and friendships that I am glad to have made over the years. And then there are those few immature individuals that just really enjoy trying to get under your skin. There attempt to dismantle you and frazzle your game play. I do have to say some times it really does work and screws me up. My blood starts to boil and I really start to get mad.
Also lets look at another thought on just conversations in a room. Have you tried to have a conversation in a room lobby and it seems like everyone is talking at the same time and you cannot hear a thing or get a world in edge wise!
Lets look at one more thought, maybe you are on a squad that requires plans and strategy ideas to win the game, yet you cannot talk about because prying ears may be listing.
OK so what do you do, well one idea is to mute everyone on the other team right when they come into your room, just get it over with. Highlight their names hit the ?A? button, and then go to their main page, scroll down and MUTE them! Assuming that you are in a room with your friends already and you are at the point that you really do not need to talk to anyone on the other side.
Now lets look at one more possibility. You are happy with yours friends list and you are just ?done? with everything else that comes with communicating with others. Not saying that others are neither good nor bad. It is just that when you get on to Xbox and your ready to play, you are very content having conversations with your current friends list.

What you want to do is go to you personal setting page ( press the big xbox button in the center), then click onto you picture profile.
Then click on Edit Profile?

Then scroll down to Privacy Settings and click on this?

Next click on Voice and Text?

And last scroll to the Friends Only tab?

And now you will only hear and talk to your friends. Also some of the benefits are in games that have extras, for exp; Call of Duty 4 has a perk called Eavesdrop, with your privacy setting at friends only, Eavesdrop is worthless to players playing against you.

So know you have the option to hear or not to hear that is the answer!

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  1. Raymond "Rayeh" Dubisky says:

    CoD4 is finally adding quick mute in the upcoming patch. A quick mute feature should be a requirement of all xbox live certified games.

  2. I just switched over to friends-only on the mic the other night. Wow, what a difference!

    If you get tired of all the noise and nonsense and/or find your self constantly muting people, give this feature a try.

    You can always switch it right back.

  3. ARNETT 187 says:

    Thankfully, they added this ability to the dashboard with the last update. If the Microsoft Team is going to take all the Host control away in multiplayer games then they need to give us the tools to deal with the rejects in game.

    Arnett Out!

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