Ace Combat 6: New Aircraft available at the Live Marketplace !

With over 10 Million copies sold Worldwide this Title is the pinnacle of XBox 360 Aerial Combat. It is no wonder why this game is so popular, the graphics are amazing and the flight physics are unmatched outside of actual flight simulators.

The gameplay is pretty linear, advance in the game and receive more advanced aircraft, but it is well worth it! If you like to fly in simulator fashion with a throttle and a stick this game never gets old!

New Content for this game has been added to the Marketplace on XBox Live, for a fee, of course. You can download new aircraft for use, they include:

CF-44 Nosferatu Prototype: 200 MS Points

Su-47 Berkut: 400 MS Points

F-14 Razgriz: 200 MS Points

Su-33 Yellow Squadron: 200 MS Points

Tornado GR.4: 200 MS Points

Typhoon UPEO: this aicraft is free for download

Check out all the stats and aircraft info inside the Marketplace on XBox Live.

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  1. I love this game but man the DLC is pricey.

  2. ARNETT 187 says:

    Yeah, I agree 100%. The only airframe worth the purchase is the CFA-44 Nosferatu. The game will give you all these aircraft by the finish of the Campaign, but the CF-44 is not available until you beat the Campaign on Expert, and you cannot play on Expert until you have beaten the Campaign on a lesser setting.
    I purchased the Nosferatu (Pasternak’s Fighter)from the Marketplace,(200 MS points) and smashed through the campaign on Expert, the ADMM missile pods do take some of the fun out of the challenge, but what the heck, I WANT THE ACHIEVEMENTS!
    Arnett Out!

  3. Ricardo C. Ric Cynej says:

    hey tienes buenes imagenes hey si puedes podrias desirme como personalizan los aviones gacias

  4. JP says:

    Nosferatu is an excellent purchase!!

  5. Jorge says:

    cool but pasternaks plane moves way faster than my nosferatu.

  6. derek says:

    you don’t know what you are talking about, the flight physics are sooo unrealistic it’s not even funny. If a real pilot was in Pasternak’s plane he would be splattered on the canopy, but it is fun. Oh and the 300 missiles deal doesen’t help

  7. Anjeal says:

    Achievement whores. The most horrid idea for any system. I love AC series just for the love of bomb the crap out things. Those who play AC series or anyother game for achievements are whores in the biggest sense, Achievement should unlock something or enhance the game,not add to some stupid score. If you play games just for the achivements and the score, the you are a whore and have no life.

  8. Charles says:

    Woah… Cool it

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